Monday, May 12, 2008

Time for a little R & R

Due to the fickle nature of Spring this year, and it's inablitity to stick around, I decided it was time to head for a little rest and relaxation in the sun. My friend Carrie and I took the last week of April, with her ending of the school semester and my work load easing up, as an opportunity to do a little pampering. We headed down to Mesquite, NV for some warmth and relaxation at the spa. I loved it! The weather was perfect and I spent the whole first day just sitting out at the pool listening to my I-pod, reading a book, and just enjoying being out in the fresh air. It was so nice to be warm and to see the sun...I could have done that all day (well actually I pretty much did). The next day we both had spa appointments. I'd never done a spa thing before, but now I am all for it. I'd signed up for a facial and then a body scrub, massage and it was so soothing. Really it was just nice to spend four hours in the quiet and to come out feeling all jello like from the pampering. Truth be told, I wanted to move in and live at the Oasis rather than come back to real life...but Carrie made me return anyway. Well it was fun while it lasted! ;)

And what trip isn't made better by a fun pedicure? My friend Ali turned me on to this lady down in Spanish Fork who will hand paint your toes for just $10. So cute aren't they?

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Happy 83rd and 88th!

With Grandma and Grandpa's birthdays being only 2 weeks apart it gives us an opportunity to really celebrate. This year we did it with a trip to the Olive Garden for those who could make it. I feel so fortunate to be able to have had such a close relationship with my grandparents. We were talking at work the other day about family and counting off how many great and regular grandparents we had memories of. I was happy to know that out of eight great grandparents I have memories of six of them, some all the way up to past college graduation. I've only lost one grandparent so far in my life....makes me feel very fortunate. Anyway, it was fun to get together as a family and get caught up on everyone's busy lives.