Saturday, May 2, 2009

Another birthday?

So I've decided that my life is ruled by birthdays. It appears that that is the only time that I get out and do something. We just celebrated my Grandmother's 84th birthday with a trip out to the Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Point a week ago, and ironically as I write this I have just barely returned from a trip up to Clarkston to celebrate both mine and my sister in law Leigh's birthday with a girls craft weekend. The weather this weekend, once again, kept us inside but that's ok because Leigh introduced us to this charming little fabric store up in Preston Idaho. I now have a lovely collection of fat quarters of some of the cutest fabric that I've ever seen. Along with that I found two quilts that I think will be so fun to make.

For Grandma's birthday we went to the gardens like I mentioned. I'm so impressed that she still has the energy to walk a 15 acre garden with only one break as she enters her mid 80's. Way to go Grandma! It was a beautiful day because it was actually warm! Granted the rain was getting ready to move in and rain for yet another weekend but is made for some really pretty pictures. Here's just a few shots from the day...