Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Happy Halloween...2 wks late

I thought that before Thanksgiving arrived I'd get my pictures from Halloween posted. This year Halloween was on a Saturday so we had an actual party up at Greg and Leigh's house. They have the perfect house for holidays and decorating for those that know us well they know that Halloween is our favorite holiday. Maybe a bit morbid but I like it. We spent that morning putting up the final decorations and getting ready. Ok so our party wasn't really that exciting, just me, Greg, Leigh, her brother and his girlfriend, but it was fun for us. We dressed up, ate delicious food, and watched a good old 70's horror movie. A few catastrophes, one time as tricker treaters were approaching the door and Leigh was shutting off the lights so it would be spooky Greg was getting ready to put the dry ice in the punch. Without the lights he just dropped the whole chunk in and when the lights came back up we discovered it was way too much dry ice...punch was everywhere. Due to the emergency he pulled it out with his bare hands, which is none to pleasant. We also thought setting off a dry ice bomb would be a great idea (ok the boys thought that) and after the first failed attempt made quite the explosion. Heading back into the house we were joking about the cops coming by due to the noise, only to notice tail lights in front of the house a few minutes later. As Leigh went to the front door she announced that it really was the cops, only to realize a minute later that there were little heads peaking in through the front door and realizing that she'd forgotten about the strobe light in the graveyard out front that was flashing on the wall in the house. In her defense it really did look like a cop car must be parked out front. Well that pretty much sums up our adventures, silly as they were, but they were fun to us :) Here are some pictures from the night...

Saturday, November 7, 2009

My trip to the Grand Canyon

Ok, so I'd never been to the Grand Canyon even though it is fairly close, within a days drive, to where I live (and I've been living here for 19 years now which sounds crazy in itself). Anyway, my mom turned the big six o (60) this year and as usual wanted to head out on a trip to get away. She chose the Grand Canyon just because I haven't ever been there...isn't she sweet? :-) We drove down to Kanab and spent Friday night with her mother-in-law and then spent all day Saturday at the park. I couldn't have asked for a better autumn day. I know I've already posted these pictures on facebook but I wanted to include some here too. It was just beautiful...

On the drive down:

My first view:


Autumn Beauty: