Saturday, December 1, 2007

Cruel I know....

but who can resist, well probably a lot of people but I've had this sick habit of dressing up every new kitten I've ever gotten. These guys should feel lucky because it hadn't happened to them before. Of course I don't have doll clothes lying around any longer which is what all my other kittens fell victim to. Merry Christmas! In some ways I can't believe December is already here, and in others it feels like this has been the longest year ever. Around here we rang in the 1st of December the way it should be done, with the first snow of the season (well there was that first snow back in the beginning of Oct. but it melted as soon as the sun touched it). It was really quite beautiful this morning. It was the kind of snow that reminds me of childhood back East, the really wet and clingy kind. All the trees still look lacy with the snow stuck to them. It didn't make for very fun driving but made for the perfect excuse to take a day to curl up on the couch and watch movies. That's the reason I like winter, sometimes it just forces you to sit back and relax. Well I receicved another first today as well, as in the first cold of the season, and since I'm having a difficult time breathing at the moment I'll just wrap this up with a a wish of Happy Holidays to everyone.

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