Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas 2008

So there hasn't been much going on, other than working and sleeping, so I've been kinda on a hiatus from blogging. Of course the holidays always gives the opportunity to get things going again so here's a mantage of our Christmas this year. It was fun because we all went to Mom's for Christmas, and because of the potential snow storm that was out there, we spent the night. I don't think all of us have slept under the same roof for Christmas in 10 years. It was a nice time, being together with family. Greg and Leigh even ended up staying all day on Christmas so it was a lot of fun. Probably a good thing since that threatening storm that we never saw (until Christmas night when I was driving home that is) really slammed Northern Utah. I just love when we all have the opportunity to kick back and relax together.
Grumpy Morning??


Sara said...

So I noticed there were no grumpy morning pictures of you - how did those mysteriously miss the blog?

Sara Jo said...

I love the homey Christmas family room shot! In the winter, when I was homesick and at an all-time low living in China and too sad to blog, it's probably good I wasn't blogging as I would've seen that photo and cried and wanted to dive inside just for the chance to hide under a seat cushion. I'm glad you had a happy Christmas. Turns out I had a happy Christmas, too, even though I had my doubts about Christmas in China.