Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy 4th of July

I had a great Fourth of July this year. We kicked it off with a trip up to spend time with Greg and Leigh at there house. We headed up Thursday afternoon and then spent Friday up there and came back on the fourth to make it back in time for Grandma's b-bque. Friday John and Greg headed out bright and early to fish the day away and Mom and Leigh and I settled down for a leisurely day. We went to the local greasy spoon and had a very fattening breakfast. After some shopping and picking up dinner we headed out to the garden for some weeding. OK, I said we spent a leisurely day but that was a bit of a lie. With all the rain we've had this year some of those weeds were as high as our waist, throw in the mosquitoes and the hot sun it was anything but leisurely, but it was nice for me to get outside and do a little yard work as I never get the opportunity. I'll admit we pooped out long before my mom and headed inside, but we gave it a try. We had picked up some fireworks so that night, after dinner, we returned to the fun of childhood and setting off your own fireworks. Here are some of our pictures.

So every year we end the day with a barbeque at Grandma's house. This year the numbers were a bit sparse but it was nice because it gave me a better opportunity to visit. It was fun to hang out and I also got to teach my 89 year old Grandpa how to upload pictures off of his digital camera. Way to go Grandpa....

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