Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Wonderful Wild Wyoming

So I'm a little late getting this post up, there's been a lot going on. Anyway, I wanted to post some pictures from our family vacation this year. We originally were going to go back East to Cape Cod, but, things didn't line up right and in the long run that was a good thing as everyone was too poor anyway. Instead we chose to do some camping in Wyoming. Most of the state is not all that pretty but the northwest area is beautiful. We picked the Wind Rivers mountains as our destination, and then proceeded to pick the most out of the way campground...the Green River Lakes area. It is where the Green River originates, and it's beautiful as you can see above. Because Jason and Melissa were getting married in two weeks they opted to not join us for the Pioneer Day weekend campout but the rest of us all went. We met up with Greg & Leigh in Kemerer, WY and then headed out. Of course we were dumb enough to rely on Google Maps directions to get us to our campground, and after an hour wasted stopped and asked the locals. They got us on the right, very long road. The last 20 miles into the campground is just a dirt road. Because of all of our problems getting together the sun was just starting to set when we got there. We hurried and laid out the tents and got one up before it was dark, of course the bigger, more challenging tent we put up by lantern light. Mom started making our dutch oven as soon as we pulled up and we were finally sitting down to eat chicken cordon bleu at 11:15PM! Then it was off to bed, and by that time it was absolutely freezing. I don't think I ever got completely warm even though I had two shirts and a sweat shirt on and was rolled up in a mummy sleeping bag. Our tent (Greg, Leigh, and I) woke up by 6:00 to discover that it had even frosted slightly on the stuff left in the tent. Well I wanted to find this lake so I headed out and was greeted by the beauty of the area. Here are just some of the pictures I took.

Now, despite the cold of the morning the day continued to get hotter and hotter and hotter. The guys were out on there float tubes fishing and we women tried to go for a hike but the bugs were incredible. The mosquitos didn't realize that it was daytime or something, and the flies were so annoying. I finally started to feel a bit insane and we headed back to camp, not that that was any better so eventually we all ended up in our 100 degree tents, wearing practically nothing, just to escape from the bugs. It sounds like we must of had a miserable time, but really it was fun...once the sun went down that is...

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