Sunday, May 30, 2010

Happy 90th Birthday!!!

Recently my Grandpa D made it to his 90th birthday. I can't even imagine having seen all the changes that he's seen in the world, or to be so active in life as he is (I already feel broken down sometimes and I haven't even seen 40 yet!) but to me that was quite an achievement. He's had a few close calls in his health, and in fact we had to cancel his original birthday party due to the fact that he was released from the hospital that day (nothing too horrible, just a flare up of a bleeding ulcer, but scary just the same). Instead we all got together two weeks later and had a giant party. It's always fun to me to have a big family event because it gives us all time to catch up with each others lives. We also invited Grandpa to share a few words about what has been important in life and how he's used these things in his life to reach these wise years. I can't remember how many of them there were, or the order that he spoke them, but there are three that stand out in my mind (good thing Uncle Mike was recording it all). The three that I remember were Family, Exercise, and Faith. Can't wait to get a copy of the tape so that I can hear his statement again because lets face it I was too busy snapping pictures and not paying attention :) Oops!

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