Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me

So for Greg's birthday we dragged him out to the frozen mountains, but for mine I just wanted warmth! My mom and I planned a girls weekend (or week day since we were gone Tue-Thu) and headed down to Mesquite, NV. What's in Mesquite? Well the answer is not much...but at one of the hotels they do a great week day special where you can spend a relaxing day in their Spa and a hotel stay for pretty cheap. We stayed for two nights which gave us four spa treatments to split up. I was a greedy girl and added a third just for me, but then it was my birthday :) So after a day spent getting a pedicure, facial and massage I was ready to face the demons of everyday life. Really it was like heading on some tropical vacation, but only a five hour drive away. And we couldn't have asked for better weather, I even got myself a lovely sunburn. Actually, the last day we spent there it was so hot (at least by the pool) that we had to sip pina colada's just to stay cool (alcohol free of course ;-) ).


Nancy Phelps said...

Spa treatments!!! How nice!!! It sounds like you had a really nice birthday!!! You deserve it!!!

Mark and Amber said...

Happy Birthday! Looks like fun!

Luke and Ali Stewart said...

THat sounds like a fun little get-a-way!