Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy Easter

Ok I have to toot my own horn here for a second because it's post number 2 in less than a week! I'm pretty proud of that, especially since my life is usually pretty dull so a second blog means yeah I was doing something :) Easter for my family was celebrated on Saturday night due to Jason having to take Clay back home on Sunday. We decided to just have a small little family dinner, made our own Cafe Rio salad knock offs. As usual, down on the Stott/Swapp farm there are always new baby animals. This year there were the usual bunny rabbits but also 3 two week old lambs. Because the weather has been so horrible, and the corral full of mud, John brought the lambs up to the house so we could take turns feeding them. Have you ever had a heard of sheep wandering around your kitchen? My mom can now say she has. Here's a few pics of our day....

and then there was our little pre-teen who was so bored by our antics:
but after a bunch of chasing him around with the camera I at least got some smiles and genuine laughter :) (but man he was quick and hard to catch on film)

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Nancy Phelps said...

Melissa, How fun to feed lambs. I can't get over how grown up Clay is getting. Has it really been that long? Boy does that make me feel old. Love, Nancy