Thursday, February 18, 2010

Mexico - Aktun Chen

So when I was visiting before I took a trip out to these caves and enjoyed it so much that I brought people back. There were some disappointments, mostly that before we actually got to play with the monkeys (there were only 2) and now all the animals were in cages like a real zoo but mostly it was just nice to see how successful the place had become. We took the cave tour that went through a series of limestone caves while the guide talked about various facts regarding the area. Mostly I just think it is really beautiful and enjoyed it the second time around just as much. Here are some of the fun moments...

This was the cenote that is at the end of the tour. A cenote is an underground pool of water. They shut off all of the lights and then slowly light up sections so that you can really catch the beauty of the place.

And then there were our animal friends, like this snake for instance, she gave birth th 70 live babies last year...gross I know :) We also made friends with birds and pigs and then who doesn't love a monkey?

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