Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Mexico - Fishing and Beaches

So the week we were set to arrive in Mexico it was gorgeous...and the week after we left was also supposed to be gorgeous (sunny and in the 80's) but of course the week we were actually there it was showery everyday. Just the way it goes, however that Monday was nice and where John had a deep sea fishing trip planned Mom and I decided it was a great day to hit the beach at our hotel. I've included just a few pictures of our hotel, it was amazing!

While we were enjoying what sun we were going to get, John was also having great success. He made the big haul on his boat that day, landing a 60 lb grouper...and it was delicious!


Mountain Shadows 4th Ward Relief Society said...

So beautiful! I love the picture of John's is huge! I'm glad you had fun.

curlyq31 said...

That's me above by the way....forgot to sign out of our relief society blog...woops!

Melissa S. said...

Funny, I was think who the heck is the relief society...Jason mentioned that's your new home :) bit overwhelming I bet!